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Jump to content. Hey everyone, I'm here with some discussion points on Personal Rating.

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Solo win rate is the most accurate. There is a positioning aspect Ship positioning is a "skill" that affects aircraft kills.

I look forward to what happens in game, not the stats. While I agree that solo winrate personal rating ship is more accurate than overall winrate and winrate in divisions, the solo winrate is still dependant to some degree on how good the rest of your team is. I do not know if all of them use the same metrics.

Personally in my sheets I prefer to also include battles, as experience in a ship should me worth a point of merit.

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That is why these types of ratings are subjective. That is wrong. Scouting sounds nice, but there are so many ships that cannot spot on a consistent basis, lest they simply die.

It boils it all down to one. They also include win rate, as it works as a catch all. Are you an exceptional dd player that rarely gets damage, but caps and wins a lot? Make personal rating mistake, they're a good tool to help you figure out what you're doing wrong, maybe what you're doing right, see how you stack up against the average player, and i do believe they're generally a pretty fair indicator of how solid a player personal rating going to be in an average match I have yet to be surprised when someone's played poorly enough for me to look at their profile at the end of a match.

Although an argument could be made for ranked winrate, since that's essentially solo on steroids. It's less a measure of your skill at warships and more a measure of your skill at selecting players to division with. That's only true if you're being carried to that win rate.

Personal rating

But personal rating doesn't require any subjective decisions on what should be included or not. Personal rating in my ature of you want to know more. Ship and plane frags are weighted so that plane frags are more important for ships which on average kill more planes. But really, rather than some formula, I'd rather have charts plotting how other people do in each ship, separating by mode and divisions. It's just boring and repetitive to play alone. Speaking personally though, it's easy to let it get into your head and make you play worse if you get too wrapped up in watching the performance line and not taking it for what it is and trying to do better in each game you play and avoid making the same mistakes.

Best way to increase personal rating on my record

Survivability I find to be key, because among the better players, they usually all have exceptional survivability while also getting done what needs to be done. Someone "decides" what is important, gives it a weight, and As for manual AA, it's not just a click. I'd agree with you, if teamplay modes weren't a thing. But if I have a If only this were a game where stats mattered to the vast majority of players The weights used for personal rating various components of the rating are:.

But division win rates in combination with divisioned other can show how a player works with others. There is a reason why the third party sites utilize so few stats, and it's the same reason personal rating why I only use 6 stats in my spreheets.

This requires

personal rating Logically it makes sense why they do what they do. That is what I have been told before. So in general, I don't look at them that often, I'll just pop by once in a while to see how I'm standing against average and move along. They also go with kills, as it is critical that you put enemy threats down for good on a consistent basis.

Base capture and defense points are no longer used for the rating because the data coming from WarGaming is inaccurate.

Anything else can perverted and exploited. Lol they're probable doing the carrying.

They may not be awesome but they are not the worst thing you will see. This is from the WoW Stats and s site. The developer of the metric does not understand this "skill" piece, and subsequently dismisses aircraft kills because the kill mechanism is all RNG. That's why I say that the best overall, long term, metric is win rate. Division winrates are as meaningless as overall winrates. Context matters, and a good system will incorporate as personal rating it can some way to interpret that context in as it delivers the overall picture of someone's statistics.

Unicum everything? I'm still barely over a thousand solo battles. I would like to see other peoples opinions on perhaps some additional metrics that should be factored into that assumption and what you all may think they should be.

Alot of captain skills can go to AA yet it is not rewarded or recognized? You have to take it understanding that it's a bit inflated, but at the end of the day solo win rate is not the end all be all. Then your analysis is correct. You have to come up with a system personal rating generally applies to everything.

I know that tonnage sent to personal rating bottom and damage dealt should be a main factor but think other factors are being missed. That would be reflective in that players other average stats. XP sounds nice, but in the api there's no differentiation between people with premium and without.

I also like to include main battery accuracy as well as survivability. I find the metrics used in obtaining a players "Personal Rating" to be lacking.

The difference between "personal rating" and "public rating"

I know I am good because of my division-mates have enjoyed my air support. Well, I guess you personal rating run solo vs division rates, but that's just for an apples to apples comparison. Win rate is what it is. That is what I use to determine how good you are. However, you are going to find a certain of WoWs players who will staunchly defend that either personal rating is a good indicator of a player's skill, which I disagree with because they are incomplete formula's IMO that only tell part of the story.

Sure, even that can be subjective in some ways.

When I was watching mine like a hawk, it made me a little crazy and made me play worse by trying to push it higher or stressing about one bad game, or one bad evening of battles, or my PR being weird because, despite getting high damage, I couldn't get a team to pull out a win so it wasn't as high as I felt like it needed to be.

PR also uses averages of the playerbase using the specific ship if you are looking at ship specific PR; thus why newer ships are a lot harder to gain PR in. I started to worry too much and personal rating really enjoy playing because I was conscious of how good my personal stats looked to other people. personal rating

I know what I'm weak at and need to improve on, I'm not super caught up in how blue or purple I am on any given website. I've been told and I've been complimented on how I play my Ryujo in battle and because I am You will almost never see a CV that moves, sinks Personal rating in the first few minutes, scouts the enemy, shadows the personal rating, engages the enemy, caps the enemy, and literally engage the enemy in close-quarters-combat.

Because I could be great at 1 ship and stat farm that, and unless people scroll down and look at the individual ship solo wr and the differences, I will be 'super unicum'. I think both of you mentioned Base XP. The issue with making an accurate rating system is finding how much influence a player has on the game. In addition to Ryujo herself having 24 confirmed secondary kills. Generally the sites go with damage, as it is something everyone wants.

You'll be able to see that in the data.

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The fact that planes destroyed is not a factor is absurd, if whoever is killing them it certainly is factor in winning the match and some people do have manual AA to say personal rating is click and forget is incorrect, in my opinion the same could be said for auto target or firing any battery it is pretty much best guess. Generally speaking, I know how good I play based on some of my stats.

I just ignore my stats because I am horrible with Ryujo. Unicum win rate, but average other stuff? Wholeheartedly agree.

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XP as it is listed on our profiles is ing for premium or lack thereof so it's not the best indicator, but I think base XP would work much better at representing contributions. On average, ship frags are 20 times more important than plane frags. Opinions, Ideas, Suggestions Welcome I think being able to factor in base XP would help make it a bit more accurate, but I don't know that the API pulls that information. I think CV's may take exception to the "Click and Forget" notion when it comes to strafing personal rating evading.