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Prostitution, or commercial sex, is illegal nearly everywhere in the United States, with Sin City and a few Nevada counties.

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He got involved in his downtown-area neighborhood association, which was getting fed up with a prostitution problem.

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He lurks around an area of south Oklahoma City known for prostitution, waits for a prostitute to hop into the vehicle of a customer and follows the pair okc prostitutes to their asation. His methods are simple. Later, the prosecutor told him he probably needed video proof next time.

Typically, the john okc prostitutes slam his car door and speed away, but sometimes the man exits his vehicle and subjects himself to a withering lecture from Bates, who keeps his camera rolling. His father operated a gas station on what was then Highway 77, the main north-south highway through Oklahoma City.

Two oklahoma educators arrested in year-long prostitution sting

Grimes, 57, grew up in the neighborhood Bates patrols. It was the eureka moment for the video vigilante.

He says members of the police vice squad have told him that johns who are arrested sometimes ask whether John TV will find out about them. Sometimes, the man will beg for mercy. News Updated.

The police told the neighborhood association to write down plate s of suspicious okc prostitutes, but Bates thought stronger action was needed. After 15 years of exposing, documenting and railing against street prostitution in Oklahoma City, Bates is known as the "video vigilante", a moniker the local TV stations hung on him years ago after they noticed recurring police reports about a man making prostitution complaints with videotaped evidence.

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He caught a high school principal and a prostitute in a okc prostitutes van near his home and made a formal complaint, he said. Bates has never been shot, knifed or punched, though he said he has pulled out his Taser on two occasions when johns - who were undressed -- appeared ready to do violence on the stranger wielding the camcorder.

Bates, 41, found his calling while working in the marketing department of a local hospital. Commercial, because he makes money selling the licensing rights of his videos to TV production companies.

Brian Bates, the "video vigilante" who fights prostitution with his video camera, is seen in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in this undated photograph. By Steve Olafson 5 Min Read. There okc prostitutes been plenty of instances of people with camcorders documenting pimps and prostitutes, but one is hard-pressed to find anyone like Bates who has done it for so long.

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She said Police Chief Bill Citty does not like officers to give opinions to the media. By Steve Olafson. He initially hated the nickname, but he now uses it in the videos he uplo to YouTube, where they find an audience of millions.